Saturday, 18 May 2013

New Feature: Weekly Wine

I have decided to include a weekly wine feature on this blog. As I currently live in Switzerland, it will concentrate on Swiss wine but may showcase wines from guest countries, if I am travelling.

So, here we have the inaugural post of Weekly Wine.

2012 Merlot Bianco Bucaneve DOC Cagi Cantina Giubiasco

Charming wine from Ticino, in the south of Switzerland. A white Merlot, unusual for it’s straw colour, rather than blush. As suggested by its name, meaning ‘snowdrop’, crisp and dry with a slightly buttery aftertaste.  Great as an aperitif; goes splendidly with Asian food. 

Founded in 1929, Cagi-Cantina Giubiasco produces 600,000 bottles of wine per year, 90% from the Merlot varietal. 

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  1. I didn't know the Swiss maade wine, and me with a brother in Basle. I will lookout for this one next time I am in the off-licence, maybe ask them to get some in. Thanks