Monday, 18 February 2013

Gruezi Mitenand (again!)

Welcome to my second attempt at a blog. My first one, Züri Blog which aimed to document the City of Zürich through its COOP supermarkets, was a great idea but impractical. Firstly there are too many COOPs around the city and secondly, I found myself outside the city too much to make updates which were of a useful regularity. So, now I am back! This time with Chueche Bueb a blog that combines my two favourite pastimes of writing and baking.
I had the idea for this blog a while ago because of something I noticed on Facebook. No matter how many witticisms, insightful comments or exotic photographs I posted, the only thing that would really get my friends' attention was when I shared pictures of food I had prepared.
So, I am sure you are all asking yourselves where I got the name from. Well, as I live in Zürich, it seems appropriate to choose a Schwyzertüütsch (Swiss German) name. Chueche Bueb translates literally as Cake Boy and is a homage to two things: firstly it's an early version of the term 'metrosexual' which I think is really amusing and also it's the name of the shop of my favourite pâtissier Eric Lanlard.
Enough of explanations: let's get started with the really fun stuff ... the food! And as the subject of the ultimate food blog would have said: Bon appetit!

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