Monday, 9 December 2013

The Great French Bake Off

Tonight is the semi-final of what has become my favourite TV programme over the last few weeks, Le Meilleur Pȃtissier. A version of the cult BBC TV programme, The Great British Bake Off, people from all over France go through three baking challenges every week, at the end of which, one person is eliminated. The format, and even the set, of the programme is almost identical in both countries, but as you might imagine, there is a different flavour to the items baked. The GBBO is about reviving the art of the home classics our grandmothers were proficient in, but which our generation seems to have lost the ability to produce. The French version is much more about reproducing professional standard cakes and pastries and to this end, a professional pȃtissier comes in and gives a masterclass every week.
Despite the differences, both programmes are compulsive viewing and so, I can't wait to see Mounir, Aurélie, Agathe, and Gérald battle it out. 

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  1. Au revoir, Aurélie! But the best pâtissiers won.