Friday, 22 March 2013

Hong Kong Interlude

I haven't done any baking at all this week, since I have been on a business trip to China for my day job!  Although you can find European cakes and pastries of the highest quality, and European bread (not commenting on the quality) here, local specialities in the shape of baked goods are few and far between. Most cake shops stock very sweet and creamy versions of European standards, adapted for the Asian palate. One notable exception, in Hong Kong is the Macau Egg Custard Tart. These are really the same as the Portuguese 'pastel de nata' since Macau (a Chinese Special Administrative Region), close to Hong Kong, used to be a Portuguese colony.
I will leave you with a few pictures all taken in Hong Kong and see you when I return to Europe next week.
A Hong Kong cake shop

The Peninsula Hotel location of the best afternoon tea in town, apparently 

Macau egg custard tarts

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